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We hire Ali and Frances for all our Hunter Valley retreats. Their performance is personal, heart felt and entertaining and everyone absolutely loves them. Highly recomended!

- Be Free Events

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Professional, entertaining, great set list. We were so impressed by their performance we hired them for all our corporate functions around Australia! We look forward to working with them again in the future.

- Ford Australia

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You guys are seriously AMAZING! Your acoustic performance was perfect for our wedding! All our guests loved the music and variety of songs you played. Thank you so much! :-)

- Private Wedding


Ali Zoghi: Male Vocals, Cajon (Spanish box drum), Flamenco Guitar    -    Frances Castley: Female Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Frances & Ali began their music journey together at University when they were both studying music. Both advanced and experienced musicians, the pair have recorded and performed together for several years creating a very strong musical bond. It's difficult to find quality and consistent entertainment these days in Sydney, but the pair offer you variety in the fact they are both very strong vocalists who can also play instruments. Frances on guitar and Ali on the Cajon adding rhythm and beats to the performance which just makes all the difference. With a fantastic repertoire under their belts they offer a mixture of modern pop, classics, folk and even a touch of flamenco when the time calls for it. You will hear many of your favourite tracks uniquely acoustified and made perfect for your wedding or next party, function or event.




A little more about Frances Castley..

If Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule to success is anything to go by then Frances Castley has just about finished her 10,000 hours. She lives and breathes music practically 12 hours a day!

Ronan Keating described Frances' musicianship a breath of fresh air. Red Foo said "Somebody get this girl signed to a label quick!".  Natalie Basingthwaite said she really respects Frances as a musician for being out there living and breathing music and even spending hours a day busking just to get better and better at her craft. If you live in Sydney then there is a good chance you have seen her face somewhere.. it may have been at one of the numerous gigs and private functions she performs at weekly or at her street performances so many Sydney siders love and adore. It's actually not the endless hours of experience this young lady has under her belt that makes her a such a desirable act to have.. but the feeling and heart she puts into her performance.

A little more about Ali Zoghi..

What makes Ali Zoghi special is the variety of roles he plays as a musician. He is a performer/composer/producer/music supervisor. Not a simple bedroom musician but a musician who has a deep understanding of music.

The side of Ali Zoghi we get to see here is one in which he is very talented in. A very unique vocalist, he is able to fit into such a wide variety of music and genres and do it genuinely and has a voice that you simply will not hear anything like. After completing his Bachelor in Music, Ali still also spends time every year studying Flamenco in the deep Andalucian parts of Spain, which is why you will always see him sitting on a cajon (spanish drum) and adding rhythm and flare to the sound and even sneaking in a mini flamenco set.


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We are based in Sydney but can travel Australia wide.

Please contact us for availability and for any further information:

Phone: 0423 260 590
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